Artist Statement

My current work explores a shift in perspective of the world around us based on “natural disasters,” or unexpected shifts in our lives, that shape the environment that we live in. The work is an attempt to bring the viewer in to reflect on what it feels like when life changes very abruptly and without warning. More specifically, the work is about navigating the emotional passage through the landscape of feelings which are brought about by the reality of sudden drastic change. It is the death of a fairytale we grew up with, the adjustment to the surreal reality which follows, and the rebirth of life. The show demonstrates changing horizons and opportunities through feelings of grief and internal chaos.

Brought to life from a nightmare which ended in resolution, the exhibition explores the traditional trope of the landscape through the painterly realistic and visceral application of vibrant and muted skies - providing a sense of catharsis, awe and calm. Additionally, even though waterspouts may feel threatening, they usually do not harm the environment; so, the paintings serve as a way to observe the illusion of tragedy and the beginning of a new and altered life path full of exciting changes and possibilities.


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